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College campuses are what breed the next generation of educated working class individuals. A group of individuals who need to stay connected. 

At College Venue we value the sense of community and believe this value should be represented at every college university across the nation no matter how big or small.

During a time where friendship, networking & collaboration is so essential, College Venue allows you to accomplish this and more within your own College Community Network.

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College campuses are one of the most diverse locations around the globe. 

Within your College Community Network you're able the opportunity to be involved in ways previous generations never had the chance.

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College Venue is giving everyone on your campus a voice. By creating an account and joining your College Community Network you are now connected to your campus and everyone else on Venue

Other social media platforms can seem so vast and crowded. Although other social media platforms can be very enjoyable for personal use, let's keep it at that - personal. 

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College Venue is your College Social Media. 


With all of the power that landed us on the moon sitting in our pockets, getting and staying connected can seem like the least of our worries.

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College is the ultimate experience for individuals to endure. With College Venue, we are connecting all College Community Members together under one Virtual College Network.

College Venue believes getting & staying connected shouldn't just stop at one campus. At Venue, our goal is to connect all College Community Members under one roof.

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Everyone can be involved on Venue. Everyone can play their part.

"College Venue is the future of higher education. With competitors like Facebook, Twitter & Snap building the virtual network of the real world, College Venue is building the virtual network of College. This shift will happen with or without us and we at Venue have chose to be apart of it."

Founder CEO: Reese LaBudie

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