A Little More About Us...

To understand the current state of College Venue and how we got here, you first must know how it all started. College Venue has taken on many objectives throughout its 3 years of operations but higher education has always and will always remain its focus.

College Friends

Our Story

Founded in Monroe Michigan in March of 2018, College Venue and its founding partners set off to create a mobile application to keep students on campus informed with what was going on. The original concept for the mobile application was based around social media & on-campus event planning. An idea that started in a basement just months prior quickly grew into a legitimate CRM tool for institutions and the company developed the goal to enhance the college experience.


College Venue to date has majority been funded by its founding partners and has received small investments from friends & family. In October of 2018 College Venue was able to secure a 'start-up loan' of $10,000 from its local business development group, The Monroe County BDC, which was used to help cover cost for its first stage early development.

Meet The Team


In 2021 College Venue was approached by the established tech start-up & higher education tool Ambi.Network. With both companies sharing synergies & the goal to change the higher ed-tech space, a partnership was formed and College Venue had shifted its focus from its mobile application to higher education relations. 

College Venue co-founder Reese LaBudie and former Bowling Green State University Student Body President & partner Harrison Carter then founded the newly established Student Government National Network, a non-profit network for student government members and leaders to communicate and collaborate on student driven initiatives & missions. 

Our Network

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